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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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during that hearing the commission approved and made one amendment to the document. that amendment prioritized the early spending of the 12.5 million on impact fees that could be spent outside of the plan area. prioritized spending $9 million in china town area. that was done for a couple of reasons, many of which have been discussed in the hearings leading up to this conversation. essentially that china town is the densest in san francisco, the most open space poor, as you often hear in our conversations here, and that the analysis the planning department did indicated much of the spillover from increased density created by the new housing and new office space in the plan area would affect not just the downtown and south of market by china town. what is before you today is affirming and supporting what the planning
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commission did on october 18th. to prioritize spending those impact fees in the china town neighborhood. i want to note quickly the ipic committee on which the rec department has a seat is body charged with the actually allocation of those fees. i believe we talked a little about that in the september hearing but happy to answer more questions on that, as necessary. >> is there any public comment on this item? please come forward. >> good morning, aim may chan. i'm a legislative advisor for david chu. i want to express our support for resolution before you that prioritizes impact fee revenues from
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the transbay improvements in china town. the china town neighborhood, which supervisor chu represents, is as sarah mentioned, one of the densest neighborhoods with the least amount of open space. portsmouth square in particular is the only park in the heart of the neighborhood. it is used daily by seniors, by children and other low income and immigrant residents from our community for exercise, recreation and community gathering. it is a space heavily used. it is important to the district, to the community and in much need of repair. while there are a few other playgrounds, there is really a great demand for more open space for this very dense neighborhood. it would benefit the health and well-being of the residents. that is why our office urges the commission to support the resolution before you, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> president buell,
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commissioners, general manager ginsburg, ms. mcarthur, my name is phil chen. i'm the chair of the committee for better parks and recreation in china town. the committee is a voluntary organization that has worked with the commission of open space issues over 40 years. we starred in 1969 despite attempt business a developer to turn a playground into a garage. i'm here to speak on the proposed regulation regarding prioritis for the transbay open space impact fees. we are recognized as a es
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for the transbay open space impact fees. we are recognized as a high needs neighborhood. 40% of our stock in china town is made up of sro units, single room occupancy units that are eight-by-ten. there is barely enough room for a bed. when there is a bed it is standing room only. there is no bathroom in there. no kitchen. there's no closet. if you need to go to the bathroom you need to take with you a flashlight. take with you toll let paper and towels. maybe you need to take with you alcohol or other cleaning solution to clean the toilet. if you leave your toilet paper or soap, somebody is
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going to take it or steal it. you cannot cook in your unit because there's no kitchen. you have to use a community kitchen. sometimes it doesn't work or leaks gas. you have to bring your own lamp in there. you can't leave anything in there or something will steal it or break it. for these people if you indulge me i would like to take a few minutes. >> go ahead. >> to complete my comments. for these people having open space is a lifeline. portsmouth square is overused. overcrowded. not because it is a great park but because people have nowhere else to go. there's a really high
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incidence of behavioral problems with kids that live in sros. there are over 500 families live in those single rooms. because of that we think it is very important for you to pass this resolution. we think this opens up the opportunity to identify other open space opportunities and expand open space within the community. i urge your yes vote. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good morning. my name is ten chow speaking on behalf of china town community development center. i want to ask you to support the resolution before you. i remember five years ago i was on the task force for the general plan. china town, according to the element in the general
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plan has china town as high need neighborhood. that mean with list open space per capita in america we have a big population of families with children and senior population with 90%. that means what we have is what we have. and also immigrant and low income community i think is understatement. if i continue to say how much open space we need and how much improvement we need. but i think the good thing about what's before us is we finally have the opportunity to turn policy into outcome. so i ask you to support that. i also want to commend the department. china town development center. really enjoy working with this department. we have a great relationship working with
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the community. the people. many more. appreciate the respect and sensitivity to the neighborhood. and work collaboratively with the neighborhoods. whether from open space or library to chinese rec center. obama says the best is yet to come. we are looking forward to improving in this part. thans. >> thank you. >> any other public comment on this item? being none public comment is closed. >> commissioner lowe. >> thank you, president beal. i would like to echo the comments. my grandparents grew up in an sro. i always wondered why i had to bring toilet paper. many of those descriptions
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hit my hard during my childhood. would like to make the following motion. first to the make the finding that adopt finding of the planning commission and resolution, prioritizing china town as high needs neighborhood and prioritize early investment in open space and parks. to also make the finding -- adopt as our own objectives of planning commission in their resolution in improving the open space in china town. would also like to ask the department to seek funding to implement the resolution and our finding so that it is consistent with the transit center district plan. and to hopefully bring all these great things into fruition.
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>> thank you. commissioner bonia. >> yes. for purpose of clarity, i wanted to -- based on the testimony or public input we received today, it appears that the moneys will be more earmarked for the improvement of portsmouth square. so i wanted to get confirmation on that. and or whether there are -- will we be looking at a community process of down the road where people from the china town community, all the different groups in the china town community will be making input in terms of open space needs. >> thank you, commissioner for the question. i apologize for not clarifying that in the
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beginning. we would conduct a community conversation around how to prioritize these dollars. and in the intervening few weeks between the planning commission's action and now, some of the conversations have begun informally. obviously portsmouth emerging as an important part because it is the largest open space in the area. and is this in many ways a center of the neighborhood. yes, we would conduct a full community process, like we do for other capital colors. >> commissioner, i just want to supplement that a little bit with a reminder of the roll of ipic, which is an inter-agency quasi interest. we have a seat at the table but it is an inter-organizations entity that figures out how to allocate community benefit dollars, so we would be
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working closely with ipic and the community on that allocation. >> i should also just add that any proposed improvements to existing park would obviously come before this commission for your approval as well. >> yes. i just wanted to make sure that we, in approving this, this item, that we will be engaging that community and that everyone will have an opportunity to make comment on the needs in the china town community. i know there are many. we have -- my organization has provided para transit services in that neighborhood. i can tell you it's been a very unpleasant experience for my drivers to have -- to have to help or assist
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child or youth who is blind eight floors -- up eight floors of stairs because there is no elevator. and then just finding parking for the vehicles to provide that assistance has been difficult for us in the years past. i know it is very challenging for people who live in that neighborhood. i would love for them to be able to be able to be outdoors more and recreating. i'm in favor. >> it's been moved and seconded. all in favor, opposed hearing none. it is yan. thank you. >> we are now on item 12, which is general public comment continued. if you did comment under
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item four, you cannot comment on item 12. is there anyone who would like the make general public comment? being none this item is closed. item 13 is commissioner's matters. >> maybe this is the easiest time to try and address this issue. item 11 was pulled off the calendar because of a technical notification problem that staff at one length of term of the contract and it was going to be changed. i have been informed the nature of the business of bookings for this event, which is substantial and represents significant revenue to the department, the nature of that is such that the sooner outside lands people have guarantees of the terms of their contract the sooner they can book x. that addresses the quality
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of the production of the show they are going to do. so it seems very pressing to have this matter get as soon as possible through this commission and to the board of supervisors. it's been suggested and i'm in support of it that we try to put a special meeting together the week after thanksgiving. i would recommend thursday the 29th at 10 a.m. if that works for other commissioners. it shouldn't -- margaret you will have to know the availability of rooms, et cetera. >> yep. >> i put that on the table with the idea that i would like to -- i don't want to circumvent the public process but i want to try and get this done as fast as we can. 29th at 10:00. is there any compelling
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objection to this? with that, margaret, will you work on making that happen and work with the general manager on seeing if we can put that as a one-item meeting and make sure we get packets in sufficient time. >> we have everything. >> we do have everything, all right. so we have the packets in sufficient time. that is only other thing under item 13. >> is there anyone else? okay. is there any public comment under commissioner's matters? being none, public -- public comment is closed. item 14 is new business agenda. >> i'd like to add an item to that agenda, to this list of projects that we are kind of have been on hold. i would like to add that we
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agendize the stables at golden gate park. at some point in time that we -- when that item is agendized that we actually do get more information from staff what's happened from the point we stopped operating stables to now and what possibilities there are for resources for that project, if any. so it is an item that needs to come before us. whether we can do something with it or not, i think we still need to have some transparency about that. >> yeah. i agree, commissioner, that i think it is a discussion we should have. i personally would like to get a tour of the
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facilities that are out there and any other commissioner that wants to familiarize himself with it. because it seems that we have a permanent place on this agenda that it's talked about. whether we like it or not. so maybe we can like it a little more. >> i actually don't know where they are. i would like to -- >> yeah, we -- >> okay. >> and in fact, we did -- when i first came on as commissioner we did do a tour of the facilities. it was laid out what was going to go where, what was going to be done, some resources. possible resources there were. then it just -- then it was just dropped. this was some time ago. i think it would be good to have other commissioners go on the tour and, you know, kind of get brought up to date on what's happened
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with that project. >> okay. >> is there any public comment on this? being none, public comment is closed. communications? is there any public comment? being none, public comment is closed. 16 is adjournment. >> all in favor in favor. aye, aye, aye. thank you, it's done. .
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>> good morning andy welcome to the public safety meeting of the board of supervisors. my name is supervisor john avalos, joined to my right by the vice chair, supervisor olague and supervisor eric mar. the clerk today is erica davis. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices, completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included in the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will occur on the december 4 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> i want to recognize the sfgtv staff working on this committee. madam clerk, could
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you please call item 1. >> item no. 1, resolution urging the metropolitan transportation commission of the state legislature to strengthen the privacy provisions of personal information of the clipper card program. >> thank you, madam clerk. this is an item that i have called forward and i want to thank my co-sponsors, supervisor chiu and supervisor olague, my committee members, for their co-sponsorship. this resolution has come out of recent media reports of the grave concerns about the clipper card privacy policy. after reviewing this issue further and discussing it with staff on the mtc, i am encouraged they want to make the clipper card privacy policy as strong as possible. the clipper card privacy policy gives the mtc the right to maintain all personal information indefinitely for active clipper accounts and for up to 7 years after accounts
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are closed or terminated. i am encouraged the mtc is taking steps to address these issues on their own. i hope this will assure the public the mtc is taking steps to protect their privacy. it is more stringent than cell phone plans which allow cell phone companies to sell their information, which is not the case. most of us are carrying around smart phones which are far more effective at tracking our every move than clipper cards. a recently designed smart phone application allows the phone to scan the clipper card and transmit information. it can be used without the clipper card's user's knowledge or
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permission. people can protect themselves from this by storing their clipper cards in a bag or somewhere, where it would be difficult for someone else to place a smart phone within a few inches of the card thus perhaps getting that information. the resolution addresses this issue. with the resolution, and i have an amendment of the whole that i have passed on to the clerk, it actually includes amendments that have been proposed by the mtc, we definitely wanted to work with the mtc on their concerns about moving forward with the new resolution and so the new resolution reflects those proposed amendments and they include a way to determine what the minimum duration of time is that -- excuse me -- it will request that the mtc provide a minimum duration of time that they will maintain clipper users' transit history and
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personal information and revise their privacy policy in time. the mtc agrees they shouldn't need to keep this information for 7 years after the account is closed and they will be reducing that amount of time in the future. they have agreed to do that. they will also explore the feasibility of minimizing the data stored on clipper cards encrypting the data or providing the ability for users to clear the data. they also will agree and the resolution requests that the mtc provide faq's, frequently asked questions and information regarding those questions on a web site that clipper card users can access that will explain the privacy policy and how the clipper cards are used. it also creates an annual transparency report that publishes the number of requests for information from law enforcement and other groups and the percentage of those requests that actually were granted. so that would also be information that will be shared with other agencies
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and with the public so that if law enforcement agencies want to gather fotion, gt -- information, that will be shared the number of times that happens over the year. that was something that was a big concern for the mtc so we removed that language and really feel that the mtc has been working well with us and with other stake holders to assure that there are actual new plans in place for how the privacy policy will be implemented and i want to thank the mtc in particular randy renschler, who is here, for your work on that. colleagues, if you have -- if there are comments or questions? i had originally thought that this resolution could go for adoption without committee reference but since
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we're talking about transparency and privacy policies it makes sense that we bring it to our committee in full disclosure. so let's open this item up for public comment. we do have mr. renschler here from the mtc and if you would like to share with us your thoughts about the resolution and our process. >> thank you, supervisor avalos and also thank you to your able staff, jeremy, for working with us. we appreciate the changes you have made in the resolution. i just want to assure everyone that's here that we take privacy very seriously both on the clipper card and on fast track that we also operate at the commission and your attention to it kind of keeps us honest, too. we're not perfect, we need to review these things. you have a lot of good suggestions that we're certainly going it take under consideration. one specific outcome in this subject is the commission is expected to get some recommendations with us with respect to how long we keep information on closed accounts. it was set many years ago probably on business and
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financial reasons, not really thinking about the privacy part, so we're certainly going to bring that back to the commission as a direct result of your interest in this subject and you have a lot of other good suggestions here as well. i can answer specific questions about why clipper works the way it does with respect to the information we keep on the card, the transactions, which mostly have to do with the fact we want to give people the discounts they are due as a result of different transit offers and transfers and so on. i just want to thank your staff for working with us on this resolution. >> thank you, i appreciate your work with jeremy pollock in my office. i guess i have one big question and that is like 3 clipper cards myself. i purchase them with a commuter benefit check at walgreen's, i don't know if anyone really knows they actually belong to me. i also have a commuter
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benefit visa card that i am able to purchase clipper cards at vendor sites at bart stations. i'm not sure there's actually, besides linking that clipper card to my visa card whether there's actual understanding that i am the owner of that clipper card. so how many people actually is the program able to identify a particular card with a particular person? >> so this is a clipper card here. the information on this card is essentially the serial number of the card and it has your last 10 transactions on it so if you used it to ride bart or used it to ride muni, the last 10 are on there. in order to calculate your discounts if you need them, other than that, there's no information on the card other than, again, the loading in the pass -- so if you put $10 on it or put a fare on it, it has that. but your personal information is separate and is
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at a customer service center that is far away and not linked to your card. no one can get anything from your card even if these devices which are being introduced scan it. your information resides in a customer center station. so the customer service which is privately contracted out, is really the only place where a connection is made to you as a person and almost -- only as a result of your request. >> okay. thank you. if there are no other comments or questions we will go on to public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. >> thank you, members of the board